About Us


At Lotus Cosmetic Clinic we offer a holistic approach to wellness & anti-aging. In our new clinic we offer best
medical grade practice & state of the art science based anti-aging therapies. Our non-invasive therapies range from
dermal fillers, mechanical & chemical skin therapies, weight management, Chinese medicine and fitness & exercise

Experience & safety

At Lotus Cosmetic Clinic, our experienced cosmetic physicians specialise in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement using the
latest anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. All our products are FDA and TGA approved.

Products & services

We use the latest science based therapies & technology to help you achieve your goals. All products and services
offered are medical grade products. Our experienced aestheticians offer a full range of treatment options that are
individually tailored to your particular needs.


Our services are client centred. We offer a range of therapy options suitable for various skin types & condition. We
strive to give you the very best in cosmetic treatment options so that you can look and feel you best.


At Lotus Cosmetic Clinic we have state of the art equipment & facilities. Our experienced clinicians use state of
the art equipment & products. Our Dermal therapists work closely with our doctors to give you the best results.


At Lotus Cosmetic Clinic we understand that looking good and feeling good is a holistic concept and hence a range of
services options are available to our clients. We offer non-invasive cosmetic therapies, weight management programs with
our specialist dietician, exercise & fitness therapists, and personal development programs.


Your first skin consultation is 45 minutes duration. During the consult you will have a skin assessment. An
individualised treatment plan will be designed for you, taking into account your skin health from a holistic
perspective. The consult includes a personal assessment & recommendation of therapies & products that suit your
treatment plan.

For appointments, call 9380 1588.