Dr Magdy Ramzy

Dermal Fillers and Injectables are administered by doctors only at Lotus Cosmetic Clinic.

Member of RACGP, AMA, ASCM (Australian Society of Cosmetic Medicine)
Certificate II in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Memeber of the Australasian Cosmetic Physicians College

Dr Magdy Ramzy is a senior general practitioner with vast experience in family general practice as well as cosmetic medicine. He is very experienced with Injectables and dermal fillers. He annually updates his training and skills. He is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic medicine. Dr Magdy Ramzy has been practicing Aesthetic medicine for 15 years.

He has strong interest in Mental Health , Cosmetic Medicine and General Medicine. In his spare time he enjoys reading, poetry and travelling.

Dr Siew Tan

Dr Tan graduated from Melbourne University in1996, and she obtained her fellowship with Royal Australian College of GP in 2002.

She has vast experience in General practice in metropolitan Melbourne.

She strives to provide a holistic, patient-centred care. She has a passion for preventative health care.

Dr Tan sees her role as helping her patients to achieve and maintain sound health and preserve their quality of life.

She performs minor surgical procedures such as skin moles excision, suturing wart treatment and other aesthetic treatments. During her free time, Dr Tan enjoys gardening and outdoor activities.

Dermal Therapist


Olga is a senior Aesthetic Therapist. She has been the dermal therapist at Lotus Cosmetic Clinic for the past 15 years, evolving her expertise in providing the best options for her clients. Her warm and friendly manner, coupled with her enthusiasm and dedication allows her to build rapport with her clients & achieve the best possible outcomes.

She is a highly sought after aesthetician. She is constantly updating and refining her clinical skills, attending workshops & the latest up-to-date training.

Olga uses a holistic approach when assessing and treating clients. This allows her to devise the most effective treatment plan and individualize a tailored program for each client. She has particular expertise in chemical & mechanical treatments such as medical grade skin peels, ultrasonic facials, laser and IPL treatments. She is passionate about treating skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, vascular lesions, leg veins, and sun damage. Olga has had great results using skin tightening and photo rejuvenation therapies. She has had amazing results with body contouring therapies, stretch mark revision, onychomycosis and removal of skin lesions post medical assessment. She is passionate about prescribed skincare.


  • Laser Safety
  • Multilux Super Intense Pulsed light training
  • Paramedical Aesthetics
  • Dermatology & Aesthetics – Fotona

In her spare time Olga is busy enjoying the blessing of motherhood.

For appointments, call 9380 1588.


We are pleased to welcome another very experienced Dermal clinician to Lotus Cosmetic Clinic. Caroline brings a wealth of expertise to complement our team. She has a passion for helping clients achieve their goal. She has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

Caroline has a Bachelor of Health Science degree specialising in Dermal Therapies (skin conditions, treatments, rejuvenation and healing).

Caroline’s expertise lies in post-surgery scars, stretch marks, acne, scaring, active acne, blackheads, skin dryness / an over production of sebum (oily skin), deep skin wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation including Melasma, age spots, freckles, enlarged pores. She is compassionate and results driven.

In her spare time Caroline loves making Persian rugs, painting, ballroom dancing and gardening.

Certificates include:

  • Dermatology & Aesthetics – Fotona
  • Certificate of Permanent Tattooing 2007 at Permanent Beauty Centre
  • Advanced Diploma of Beauty Therapy 2001 at Victoria University
  • Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing 1999 at Victoria University
  • Certificate III in Floristry 1998 at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE
  • Current National Police Certificate (Victoria Police Check)

Acupuncturist And Chinese Medicine

Angel Qi Chen

We are very happy to introduce Angel to complement our holistic team in Lotus Cosmetic Clinic. Angel Qi Chen is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner.Angel was raised in a family of established acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and Qi Gong master. Her devotion to natural health and wellness stems from her exposure to the art of Chinese medicine since her childhood.

Angel is passionate about the role Chinese medicine can play in weight management & healthy skin.

Through stimulating the meridian system, Angel can assists clients regulate their metabolism by promoting efficient nutrient transformation, and increase the efficiency of waste & toxin elimination in the body to achieve weight regulation.

Chinese Medicine can assist in the restoration of muscle tone and natural collagen production to allow for a more tightened & toned body.

Angel is passionate about holistic interventions. She tailors her treatment plan to the individual. She is very well placed to assist clients in sustaining lifestyle changes.

Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

For appointments, call 9380 1588.